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Youth Projects Galore!

Gregory Owens

The response to the launch of our Youth Community Outreach Initiative has been amazing!  We've been so excited to talk to several different young entrepreneurs, school, and community groups that help young people in creating and leading their own projects, and we're psyched to work with many of them the rest of this year and into 2015!  

Next week we'll announce the full slate of youth projects BYI is taking on next.  Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here's a sneak preview of things to come.  Greg and BYI have been working with Ms. Ubaldo's Freshman Strategies class at Bozeman High School to develop their plans to clean up and improve the image of the Kirk Park skate park and to work toward a skateboard competition there in the spring.  So far these students have met with and gotten the support of the Bozeman Parks and Recreation department, Bozeman Police Department, the Bozeman School District, Big Sky Youth Empowerment Project, and Montana Conservation Corps.

These guys knock us out and we're proud to help work toward their goal of a cleaner, safer, more family friendly skate park.

Here, courtesy of Nina Sveinson at ABC Fox Montana, is a link to recent TV coverage of their efforts.