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Kate Murphy

Gregory Owens

[NOTE: After designing several posters for BYI shows, Kate Murphy earned a full-tuition scholarship to the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland.  This past fall, Kate was also one of 15 students in North America to do a semester-long residency through the American Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design in New York City.]

BYI started as an opportunity to get involved with all ages events in my hometown. 

These events were few and far between and I wanted to help make them happen more frequently. Bozeman Youth Initiative had a friendly atmosphere that provided resources to turn our ideas into realities. 

I felt welcomed. 

I didn't know that BYI would end up being so much more.

This organization had a huge impact on my youth. I didn't know much about myself yet - but like any frustrated teenager, I knew I was misunderstood and creatively oppressed. In BYI, I was heard and respected for the first time. I suddenly had friends. I learned perseverance, drive, and what it really meant to work with others.

This environment lead me to pursue other places that thrive on creativity, such as art school. I gained invaluable social skills and I believe this program is responsible for my current ability to set and achieve personal and professional goals. I will always be grateful for The Bozeman Youth Initiative. 

Kate's poster for the Zion I show.